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Remedies for cracked heels:

Remedies to heal cracked heels:

Cracked heels, is a very common problem with many of us. The basic reason behind cracked heels is negligence towards foot care. Non- moisturized foot and dryness can also induce the problem of cracked heels and the problem turns severe during winters as heels get flaky. Cracked heels are not just painful, but can be embarrassing  for you as well. Here we go with some home remedies to heal your cracked heels.

Remedy #1

Ingredients- Lemon, Shampoo, Glycerin and Rose water

Squeeze a lemon and add few drops of shampoo in warm water. Soak your cracked feet in the foamy water for 10-15 minutes (this will loosen the dead skin). Gently scrub off the dead skin with the help of pumice stone and pat your feet dry with a towel. Mix 1 tablespoon glycerin and 1 tablespoon rose water well, apply the paste on cracked heels and go to sleep. 


Ingredients-Sesame oil/Coconut oil

Massage your heels every night with sesame oil or coconut oil before going to sleep. Scrub off the dead skin, the following morning (while taking the bath). Follow this schedule until your cracks get healed.


Ingredients –Banana and Honey

Mash a ripe banana to turn it into paste (you can also use over ripe bananas). Mix mashed banana and honey well, apply the paste on your cracked heels and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Wash your feet properly with water and wipe off with towel. When used regularly, this paste softens your heels.


Ingredients –Milk cream and Honey

Mix milk cream and honey to form a consistent paste. Apply the paste on the affected area throughout the night. Scrub off the dead skin in the morning. You can follow this everyday (especially in winters) to keep your heels soft and moisturized.


Ingredients- Aloe-Vera gel

Apply Aloe-Vera gel on the cracked heels throughout the night. Aloe-Vera is very helpful in rejuvenating cracked heels.

Some other tips to avoid cracked heels:

  • Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin.
  • Wear socks and covered shoes when you go outside.
  • Wash your feet properly when you come back home.
  • Scrub and moisturize your feet regularly.

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