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Remedies for chapped lips:

Remedies for chapped lips:

Winter's here; get ready to face the problem of chapped, dry and flaky lips. Chapped lips are painful and embarrassing too-they don’t let you talk, eat or even smile properly. Our lips lack oil glands and the skin on the lips is thinner and more delicate than other skin areas. That's the reason our lips are more prone to dryness and demand some extra care (especially in winters).

5 Simple and easy remedies to get rid of chapped lips:

Remedy#1-Coconut oil:
As dryness is the main cause of chapped lips. Apply small amount of coconut oil on your dry and chapped lips to nourish them (especially before going to bed).

Rub a cucumber slice on your lips to get rid of chapped and dry lips.

Remedy#3-Milk cream and honey:
Apply a paste of milk cream and honey to do away with chapped lips and to keep them supple and soft.

Remedy#4-Glycerin and honey:
 Apply a paste of glycerin and honey to remove dryness from your lips.

Remedy#5-Aloe-Vera gel:
Aloe-Vera gel is a very good healing agent. Apply Aloe-Vera gel on your chapped lips many times a day and before going to sleep.

Some valuable tips to avoid chapped lips:
  • Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Don’t lick or bite your lips as it can cause chapping.
  • Moisturize your lips regularly (especially before going to bed).
  • Have food rich in vitamin A like carrots, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables.
  • Don’t peel dead skin from your lips.

Don’t let the harsh winter weather steal your smile as your beautiful smile can make someone’s day!

Keep Smiling!!!

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