Thursday, 22 November 2012

How to prevent hair fall:

10 Natural tips to prevent Hair fall:

1.     Regular Oil massage:
Massage your hair regularly with Luke warm oil. You can choose coconut oil/olive oil or mustard oil for the massage. Keep the oil throughout the night and wash your hair the following morning. Oil massage renders strength to hair and promotes blood circulation.

2.     Nourish your hair before every wash:
Always nourish your hair before taking head bath. You can use oil, raw milk or curd to nourish your hair.

3.     Avoid brushing wet hair:
Don’t brush your hair when they are wet as hair roots are weakest when they are wet.

4.     Stay clear of excessive styling and heating of hair:
After the hair wash let your hair dry naturally, avoid blow drying. Hair straighteners, curling irons and other heating equipments weaken the hair and can lead to its breakage.

5.     Avoid using harmful chemicals frequently:
Don’t use harmful chemicals quite often. Excessive Use of hair colors, hair dyes, styling gels and other chemical treatments can lead to hair fall. There should be a gap of 6-8 weeks between 2 coloring  or dying sessions.

6.     Wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo:
Wash your hair regularly (thrice a week) with a mild shampoo to keep your hair and scalp clean. Dirty hair tends to break easily, always keep your hair clean.Don't wash your hair with hot water that can also lead to hair damage.

7.     Eat healthy:
Eat a healthy diet- include lots of fruits, vegetables and dairy products in your diet.

8.     Abstain from drinking habits that inhibit hair growth:
Alcohols directly don't cause hair loss but the effects of prolonged and heavy drinking on our body  are such that, they can lead to hair loss. Avoid these habits to prevent hair loss.

9.     Turn down the stress: 
Stress can also lead to hair loss. In order to reduce stress level, you can meditate and practice yoga. Take proper sleep (atleast 8 hours a day).

10.  Ensure the intake of amla:
Make it a habit to take amla daily in any form- as amla fruit, amla juice, amla powder or any other form. Amla is like a boon for hair, it will get you rid of almost every hair problem.