Sunday, 23 December 2012

How to select shoes to wear with an outfit:

1. Choose the shoe color that complements your dress not the color that competes with your dress:
  • When you are wearing a dress with a bright and bold pattern, go with simple black heels.
  • With a sparkly evening top, consider neutral heels or flats.

2. Jazz up a plain outfit by pairing it with brighter shoes:

  • With a black or brown plain outfit add a pop of color by wearing red heels.
  • Go for a dressy shoe with funky pattern, if you have on a simple top and neutral trouser or jeans.

3. Hone in on a gloomy shade in case you are wearing multi-colored dress:

For instance, with a geometric pattern dress in pink and purple color, consider a deep purple shoe.

4. Avoid strict color matching:

Don’t dress up in one solid color from head to toe. When you are wearing blue top with a blue skirt avoid wearing blue shoes.

5. Deal with different shades:

For instance, if you are wearing a light pink dress, pair it with a rose-colored flat or heel instead of same shade of pink.

6. Select standard colors for professional outfit:

  • Go for black or brown leather shoes at a conservative office.
  • You can incorporate colors, if you have less strict office with a casual dress code.


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