Monday, 24 December 2012

How to make a hair puff:

Hair puff is a great hairdo, as it is easy to do and looks nice on just anyone. This hairstyle can work with medium or long hair and is a perfect choice while going for parties or any special event.

Here’s an easy, quick and non-messy way to create a puff:
Step 1:
Start with brushing your hair to get rid of tangles.

Step 2:
Part your hair (tracing the crown of the head) splitting hair into 2 sections (using the pick of a tease comb),with the back section containing 1/3 of the hair.

Step 3:
Using a rubber band, fasten the front section of the hair.

Note: The size of the puff is dependent on where you secure your rubber band.
In case you want a bigger hair puff secure the rubber band further away from your forehead and likewise if you want a smaller one secure the rubber band closer to your forehead.

Step 4:
Lay this section down and push forward to form the base of your puff, secure it with bobby pins.

That’s it!!! You’ve achieved your puff look that too without teasing and pulling your hair.


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