Saturday, 1 December 2012

How to keep body fair and glowing:


When it comes to beauty and skin care, we generally concentrate on our face and pay less heed to rest of the body but to stay forever young and beautiful, body care is equally important as taking care of  face. The best thing is you don’t have to spend too much time and money on your body care, just adopt some tips as part of your routine to beautify your body.

Simple and easy tips to keep your body fair, young and glowing:

1.     Regular massage:
Make it a habit to massage your body everyday (before taking bath) with almond oil/coconut oil  or any other oil of your choice.  Oil massage promotes blood circulation, nourishes your body and prevents dryness.

2.     Scrub your body:
Scrub off dirt and dead skin from your body regularly. You can use a paste of gram flour and curd as scrub. Scrub your body once a week to keep it clean.

3.     Milk bath:
Milk bath is very refreshing and is a great help in keeping your body glowing, fair and youthful. Add 2 tablespoons milk powder/ 1 cup milk in your bucket. Try this refreshing bath once every week.

4.     Moisturize your body:
Moisturize your body using daily moisturizer after taking bath and before going to bed (to keep your body soft).

Pamper yourself and stay young, glowing and beautiful forever!!!

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