Saturday, 29 December 2012

How to apply lipstick:

When it comes to make-up, lipstick is the crucial element to enhance our looks. This guide is going to teach you how to get good-looking lips regardless of size and shape of your lips.

Step 1- Exfoliate your lips:
Make a paste, using sugar and water. Rub the paste on your lips for 20 seconds and rinse it off. Smear some lip balm on your lips to moisturize your lips.

Step 2- Apply lip liner:
Lipstick lasts longer if you define your lips using a lop liner. Go for a lip liner 2 shades darker than your lipstick.
  • For plump lips, apply lip liner just outside your natural lip line.
Step 3- Apply lipstick:
You can directly apply lipstick onto your lips from the lips but it is easier to get the right amount on and in the right place using a brush (make sure the lip brush is clean, dry and already there is no lipstick on it).
  • Start from the middle and fill in the whole lips with color within the lip line (using the brush).
Step 4- Apply a second layer:
After adding the first coat, apply a little more if desired but remember greasy lips are unattractive and tend to rub off easily onto everything.

Step 5- Blot the lips:
Blot your lips to make your lipstick last longer. Simply blot your lips using a tissue paper.

Step 6- Lip gloss:
Add a little lip gloss for the final touch. Dab a little gloss on the center of your lips and spread it out.

Step 7- Reapply lipstick:
Reapply lipstick every few hours as no matter how brilliantly you have applied the lipstick, it will fade through the day.

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