Friday, 14 December 2012

Homemade Christmas gifts ideas- Do It Yourself

Christmas is approaching, I can already hear jingle bells all around!!!

This Christmas try some fabulous festive craft ideas to create something really special, innovative and useful for your loved ones and make  them feel special. Here we have some exciting homemade gift ideas to add personalized touch to your Christmas presents:

1.     Heart key chain:
You’ll need- a piece of red and black cotton fabric (or any fabric of your choice), black velvet ribbon, key ring (from your old key chain), scissors, stuffing, a needle and black thread.

Cut two equal pieces of the red fabric in the heart shape. Blanket stitch both the pieces along the borders with black thread, leaving 1 cm gap and stuff some sponge or cotton into it, to make it puffy. Sew up the remaining gap. Cut two 5cm long thin strips of red and black fabric. Take a black and red strip, start rolling into a swirl and sew both the swirls to the heart.  Make a small loop of the black velvet ribbon (so that it can be linked to the chain) and stitch it on the top of heart where the heart forms V shape. Pass a metal key ring (from your old key chain) through the loop.

2. Rhinestone studded pens and pencils:
You’ll need-A pen/pencil, rhinestones and glue.
Take a simple good quality pen or pencil. Paste rhinestones on pen/ pencil with the help of glue making your own patterns. Let it dry overnight and pen/pencil is ready to be gifted.

3. A Gift basket:
You’ll need- A wicker basket, food items (of your choice), a ribbon and a sheet of transparent paper.

You can present a gift basket stuffed with various food items and the best part is, it can be customized according to one’s taste. You can include chocolates, juices (tetra packs), wafers, candies, cookies, dry fruits etc.

Take a basket and place all the desired items in it. Place the basket on the transparent sheet. Gather the edges of the transparent sheet and tie the ribbon around, into a bow.

4. A set of CDs:
You’ll need-Blank CDs, a comuter/laptop loaded with songs you want to add.

Burning CDs for your friend or loved one is a wonderful gift idea; just add few songs of their choice. You can categorize your CDs loading one with sweet romantic songs, another with sad songs, next one with rocking party hits and not to forget the oldies or you can say the evergreen songs, here you get a complete gift set.

5. A trinket box:
You’ll need- An old box with lid, paint (any color of your choice), glue and gems/beads.

Take an old cardboard candy box or any metal box or any wooden box with a lid. If you have a cardboard box or wooden box, paint it with latex paint. In case of metal box you need to paint it with anti-corrosive primer/oil based primer and then with the selected oil based paint. Decorate the box by gluing gems, beads etc making your own pattern. Your exquisite trinket box is ready to be gifted.


  1. Next week it's my boyfriends birthday and i wanted to give him a homemade gift, but had no inspiration at all. Your article is of a great help. Thank you for sharing it.

    I will gift him a set of CD's. But I have a question. Should I also burn a CD of sad songs, or just the romantic ones?

    1. Thank you Nishtha Mehta for liking the post. I'm glad it gave you a birthday gift idea and I think you should burn a CD of romantic songs for your boyfriend.
      Have a wonderful day!

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