Tuesday, 25 December 2012

10 hot lipstick shades:

1.     Nude:
Nude lipstick is neutral that makes it perfect to complement any outfit you are wearing, from the brightest red to white to yellow tones.

2.     Pale peach:
Pale peach is sensational with blacks, whites, greens and browns but keep this lip color far, far away from reds.

3.     Wine:
Wine or burgundy works wonders with winter palettes, especially black and charcoal.

4.     True red:
For the sensational look, wear true red lip color with black, trendy grays and whites.

5.     Berry:
Berry is a well rounded color as it complements greens and browns, black and gray, white and cream …any color you pick except red.

6.     Dark Terracotta:
Terracotta endows your black, green or brown outfit with richness and warmth.

7.     Ruby:
Just like the gem it is named after, ruby lip color dazzles dark neutrals such as black and grays.

8.     Red-orange:
Red-orange lip color undoubtedly brings in attention and looks great with an outfit in muted gray and brown tones.

9.     Peachy pink:
Pink that tends to be peach gives forth soft touch and takes a back seat to heavy eye make-up and vibrant outfit.

10.   Hot pink:
Hot pink looks fabulous with toned-down eyes and outfits in neutral and metallic shades.

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