Thursday, 21 July 2016

Tip of the week- How to bag it up during Monsoon:

Well it is very important to choose a bag which not only carries all your essentials, but also compliments your body style, attitude and attire. In case you are a bag lover, don't wary of using your best ones during monsoon. Just flaunt different bags in different weathers. During Monsoon season, try using bags with water resistant material that doesn't require much care and can easily be cleaned. Plastic and acrylic bags in gloss finish are the best deal. Avoid using cloth and leather as they tend to smell after getting in contact with rains. Bags in vibrant colors like sunshine yellow, orange and pink should be used and dull colors like grey, brown and mustard should be avoided.

To Complete your Monsoon look - You just have to club your stylish bag with trendy umbrella and vibrant footwear and you are ready to enjoy the rains.

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