Tuesday, 26 July 2016

DIY- Get expressive with bobby pins:

Simple and sleek "Bobby Pins" that are supposed to hold your hair in place, are now ready for a glam makeover. Cute pins with words like -"COOL", "SEXY", "PARTY", Phrases like- "I M HOT", "I LOVE YOU" or "Your OWN NAME" are a rage among happening youngsters who use a certain "CATCHPHRASE"  quite often, and want to associate it with their look. 
They are Perfect, Cute and Inexpensive gift for a friend who use a specific "CATCHPHRASE" or "HER NAME"

Well,You just need to get some booby pins fro market and stick alphabets (to form a word of your choice) on the surface of the pins. Let them dry and you can flaunt these pretty pins to enhance your style and express yourself without being eloquent.

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