Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to get Soft, Beautiful and Youthful hands:

Do you want to have soft, supple and youthful hands?

Pamper your hands with tender loving care and follow these simple points:

1.  Moisturize:
Keep your moisturizer somewhere close -within easy access, so that you can apply it on your hands time and again everyday especially during winters. As every time you wash your hands they strip off some moisture, so in order to compensate the moisture loss you need to smear on the moisturizer at regular intervals. Apply the moisturizer on your cuticles as well to avoid cracking and drying.

2.  Apply Sunscreen:
As far as sun protection is concerned, we concentrate on our face and neck and forget about the hands. As our hands are exposed to sun even they need protection from harmful UV rays.  So, don’t forget to apply sunscreen with SPF 15-30 on your hands before leaving home.

3.  Gentle wash:
Use a mild and anti-bacterial soap/hand wash to prevent dryness (as dryness can cause the hands to look older).

4.  Protection during domestic chores:
Always wear gloves while washing the dishes or whenever your hands are exposed to harsh detergents and hot water.

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