Tuesday, 13 January 2015

7 Biggest Exfoliating mistakes:

Exfoliation is one of the pivotal elements of a woman's beauty regime as it aids in removing dead skin cells, dirt and impurities from the skin's top layer giving you soft, supple and radiant skin but we  tend to take  the exfoliation part so easy and snappy, that we can hardly think of any possible exfoliating mistake. However there are a number of ways you might be harming your skin while exfoliating instead of imparting any help to it.

So beauties don’t devastate your skin any more by making any of the mistakes listed below:
Well you don’t have to make the major changes but there are certain points you should be aware of when you are exfoliating your skin.

1.  Dry Exfoliation (without water):
When the very thought of dry scrubbing is so painful just imagine the damage it can cause to your skin, as dry scrubbing creates a lot of friction on your face thereby harming the sensitive skin. Always splash some water on your face before you start exfoliating as it helps in lubricating the skin and makes the scrubbing easier.

2.  Using the wrong product:
For choosing the right product for exfoliating your skin, the golden rule is to go for a mild scrub (one with rounded micro beads is gentle) and avoid the one with scratchy or pointed beads or particles.

3.  Exfoliating dirty/unclean skin:
Use a mild cleanser to cleanse your face before scrubbing and make sure that your skin is free from any sort of dirt, grime and makeup before you start exfoliating. As dirt or grime on the skin hinders the job of the scrub, can even clog the skin pores instead of cleaning them.

4.  Too much Exfoliation:
Most of the women are tempted to use the scrub quite often with an idea “The more the better and cleaner” but this is not true. Limit the use of scrub once or twice a week (once a week is just perfect).

5.  Using wrong technique (for exfoliation):
Avoid vigorous rubbing and strong strokes, as your facial skin is delicate. Gently wipe out dead skin cells using a mild scrub (in a circular motion) for not more than 15-20 second.

6.  Exfoliating  distressed skin :
When your skin is irritated or is in a bad condition defer the use of scrub until your skin recovers its natural health. Scrubbing your skin in its vulnerable state can even worsen the skin problems.
7.  Skipping moisturizer: 
Pamper your skin with a mild moisturizer after exfoliating your skin. As scrubbing may leave your skin dry hence it is really important to slather on the moisturizer immediately after exfoliating to take care of freshly cleansed pores.

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