Monday, 21 July 2014

Designer blouse back patterns-2:

Even a simple saree can exude glamor at parties if paired with a dazzling blouse. My first part of  Designer blouse back patterns was quite popular. So, I decided to render some more designs (stylish and unique ) to my readers:

Simple U-cut blouse design:

A simple U-cut blouse back with pearl beads tassels to adorn your beautiful back. There is a slim band at the bottom embellished with a pair of semi-precious stones.

Rectangular cut saree blouse:
A Rectangular cut blouse back with a pair strings that are tied across the back.

 A Flirty design with straps: 

 A designer blouse with straps and a twisted pleat at the back.

Royal deep cut:

For the festivities go with a royal deep cut with or without strings. 

V-cut blouse design:

Team up your saree with a sharp/rounded V-cut blouse back for the stylish and sensuous look. .

Daringly deep back:

For those who love showing off their sexy back.

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