Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wedding make up essentials: Bridal make-up kit

My friend is getting married in a month, she asked me to go for marriage kit shopping. Although every girl loves shopping specially make up but trust me marriage kit shopping is not an easy job, you come across so many questions like what is the basic stuff to be bought and which brand to go with. Here I am going to share our shopping haul so that you can have an idea about what are the make up essentials for a bride-to-be.

Here is what we bought:

1.  Lipsticks and lip gloss:
For lipsticks we concentrated on “Colorbar and Revlon”. We kept a mix of light and bright shades mainly according to her dresses like onion pink, purple and other earthy colors. It is must to include 1-2 red or maroon lipstick in your bridal kit so we did.

2.  Nail paints:
Just like lipsticks we bought few shades that match her dresses specially one matching the wedding dress and the preferred brands were “Maybelline and Colorbar”.

3. Eyeliners:
You must pick a basic liquid liner with black or brown color. I recommended her a blue one along with black one as blue eye liner gives you a sensuous look. And the brand we chose was “Lakme”.

4.  Lip pencils:
Pick one neutral shade lip pencil and one in red in case you wear red lipstick. You can go with “Colorbar and Lakme”.

5.  Mascara:
Make sure you choose the one which is waterproof and you can pick “Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara”.

6.  Blush:
Pick up at least one matte blush and one shimmer blush and our preferred brand was “Lakme” you can also choose “MAC” (one with pearly finish looks great on camera).

7.  Foundation:
Foundation is the base of your makeup, do invest in good foundations. Go for a matte foundation exactly same in shade as your skin tone.
  • Don’t buy foundations lighter than your skin tone.
  • Make sure you don’t choose the one with illuminating particles as these particles would reflect light and make your skin look greasy in pictures.

You can go with “Mac”.

8. Concealer:
Concealer is a must have in every makeup kit to mask a mild redness or a childhood scar and keep you looking flawless. Again our prefence was “Mac”.

9. Sindoor:
And not to forget the most important element for an Indian bride as Deepika padukone says in a movie- “Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jaano Ramesh babu.
The one we chose was “Lakme liquid sindoor”.

10. Eye shadow:
If you don’t like wearing too many eye shadows go for eye palettes rather than single shades. You can choose “Colorbar eyeshadow palettes”.

11.  Compact:
You will definitely need a compact for touch ups and regular use. The brand we chose was “Mabelline Whitestay UV compact”.

12.  Make-up brushes:
You can buy a travel brush kit or individual brushes (that is totally upto you), but bear in mind foundation brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush and a powder brush are must haves.

13.  Others:
  • Purchase a vanity kit to keep all your makeup stuff.
  • Choose a regular face wash that suits your skin and an exfoliating scrub.
  • Definitely keep basic moisturizers one for your face and one for your body and a lip balm too.
  • Do pick up sponges, cotton swabs, blotting sheets, make-up remover and nail paint remover.

With this your wedding make –up kit is complete.