Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Home remedies for blemishes:

Facial blemishes are the dark patches or marks on the face due to pimples, boils, blackheads, whiteheads or other such conditions that tend to clog the skin pores.

Blemishes are the common skin ailment but can be easily cured at home with the help of natural home remedies for blemishes.

1.     Lemon juice:
Lemon juice is an excellent remedy for facial blemishes removal. However it is recommended to mix rosewater, honey or turmeric powder with it to tone town its acidic properties as it could be too harsh on the skin.

2.     Potato juice:

Potato juice works great in discoloring skin blemishes and spots. Apply potato juice on your face or rub thin shredded slices of potato on blemish prone skin.

3.     Honey:

Antibacterial properties of honey make it a great ingredient in remedies for acne prone skin as it decimates all the microbes on the skin along with preventing skin pigmentation. Apply fresh honey on your face to get rid of blemishes.

4.     Tea Tree oil:

Tea tree oil is a very common ingredient in blemish/acne clearing cosmetics. It is a natural antimicrobial agent that combats blemishes and prevents the skin from forming new ones. It is advised to dilute it with water or mix it with other ingredients as direct application could leave a burning sensation on your skin.

To get encouraging results religiously follow these home remedies for 2 weeks.

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